Fat Dissolving

A Revolutionary Product For The Treatment of Unwanted Fat In Stubborn Areas

It used for Aqualysis or Aquaplasty treatment to reduce localised, stubborn fat deposits in areas such as the chin, stomach, outer and inner thighs, hips, knees etc.

Treatment is given by several injections into the problem area.

Your Questions Answered

Injection lipolysis, also known as intralipotherapy, is a minimally invasive medical procedure for targeted fat reduction. Commonly referred to as fat dissolving injections.

​Fat Dissolving Injections are a safe, effective treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated area. It produces long lasting results, which means you can banish those annoyingly wobbly bits.

These injections can be used to treat small, exercise resistant, pockets of fat around the chin, chest, underarm pouches, bra fat, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles. It is very effective for body contouring, but is not a treatment for weight loss.

​Made up from a number of different plant based compounds that have been refined in a lab environment. The ingredients dissolve the membranes of fat cells in the treated area. The fat cells become unstable and break open. The fatty acids contained within the cell are then eliminated by macrophages (part of the body’s immune system) and the liver.

If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are close to your ideal body weight, but have isolated stubborn areas of fat then injectable dissolving might be suitable.

Popular areas that we treat are double chins, moobs, bra and underarm pouches, upper arms, saddle bags, inner thighs, ‘cankles’ and abdomen – including defining a six pack. We may also be able to sculpt the jowl area with C

If you have significant weight in the target area, then fat dissolving is not suitable for you, but other body contouring treatments we offer maybe. If you have recently lost significant weight then the area concerning you may be loose skin which we can improve with skin tightening treatments.

Fat dissolving is not suitable if you:
Have diabetes. Have liver or kidney disease.Have active skin problem in the area to be treated. Are taking blood thinning medicine e.g warfarin.

A reduction in fat deposits can usually be seen after just one treatment, however between three and eight sessions are required to see the optimal effect.

The speed at which results are seen will vary depending on the stability of the cell membranes; younger patients are more likely to results after a longer period. Results may vary from person to person.

Minimal side effects have been reported globally since its introduction, but patients can expect a little skin irritation, bruising and oedema, which will ease after a few days.

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This treatment is so versatile that it can be used to target a number of concerns on both the face and body including