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 Introducing the Ultimate Pro by 3D Lipo 

We are proud to be able to offer fat/celulite reduction and skin tighetning with this award winning revolutionary system from 3D Aesthetics

See results in as little as 1 treatment!*

3D LIPO has been one of the key industry leaders across the beauty and aesthetics sectors for over 10 years and has produced many of the most advanced, non-surgical systems on the market. The results really speak for themselves!

*Whilst many report seeing results after their first treatment, it varies from person to person

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  • Virtually no downtime on treatments

  • 3D Lipo offers great results 

  • Great alternative to going under the knife with traditional liposuction and other surgical cosmetic procedures

Check out some results for yourself!

Radiofrequency results

Radiofrequency for skin tightening. 

Radiofrequency energy is directed to a target area to improve the appearance of cellulite and to tighten skin. The radiofrequency energy heats the layer of skin which contains the collagen fibres, causing these fibres to contract, as well as increasing the production of new collagen and elastin. This will tighten the skin for a smoother more youthful appearance. The 3D-lipo system comes with options for RF skin tightening on both the face and body.

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Cavitation results

Cavitation is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound. The Ultrasound produces a strong wave of pressure to fat cell membranes. A fat cell membrane cannot withstand this pressure and therefore disintegrates into a liquid state. The result is a natural fat loss. 

During the 3D-Cavitation treatment the membranes of the fat cells are disrupted. The fat cell content primarily comprised of triglycerides is dispersed into the fluid between the cells and then transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver, the liver makes no distinction between fat coming from the 3D-Cavitation treatment and fat originating from consumed food, both are processed by the body’s natural mechanisms.

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Shockwave results

3D-Shockwave works by stimulating the fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage. 3D-Sockwave is delivered by placing a probe up against the areas of cellulite, as it passes over the area it emits radial waves through the skin.

Sound waves stimulate the microcircultion within the fat layer, increasing the metabolic function of the area and cellular membrane permeability. Free fatty acids and glycerol are released from the fat cells and sit in the intercellular space. Lymphatic movement and increased blood supply remove these waste products from the body.


Sound waves stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation within the area, they also stimulate the connective tissue and septa mobility giving the skin a firmer tone and reducing the dimples within the skin.

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Fat freezing (cryolipolysis) results

Fat freezing is a unique non-invasive treatment using a combination of eEectro and Cryo therapy. Using the3D-Cryofreeze handpiece the creates a vacuum which draws the fat into the handpiece. This localized area within the handpiece is then frozen causing 20% – 40% of the fat cells in that area to die. The 3D Lipo machine and our Harley Street Cryo machine can treat two areas simultaneously. It targets specifically the fat cells by lowering the temperature and pinpoints the content of the fat cells causing them to crystalize. No other structures are affected by this process hte remaining content of the fat cell is then disposed of naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

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